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Ricoh Theta V


The Theta V is a 360° camera that allows users to do one click recording and photography; automatically stitching and processing the image on the go in various shooting modes.


  • 4K30 360° Video
  • 5k Photos
  • One click recording
  • Companion app for PC, iOS and Android
  • 4k live streaming
  • 19GBs of internal storage 
  • Auto stitching


NOTE: The camera is NOT waterproof on its own. You may borrow a waterproof case along with the camera.  

You will need a smartphone or PC (available for use in the VR Lab) to download and edit content. 


See a quick start video tutorial here. For an in person tutorial make an appointment.


The Ricoh Theta uses four buttons to control the camera. See a detailed diagram below. 

  1. Shutter button: Cycles the shutter
  2. Power Button: Powers the camera on and off
  3. Wireless Button: Cycles wireless function 
  4. Mode Button: Cycles between the 3 modes

Ricoh Theta diagram, from

Image from

Companion App

The Theta V features a companion app, for both iOS and Android. It allows users to control the camera from their phone, preview spherical shooting from your phone, download and edit photos captured on the Theta and to share your photos on social media or export for use. 


  • Rotate in the preview to see the full 360 of the shot
  • Trigger photos, videos and interval shooting from the app
  • Download the photos and videos from the camera to your phone
  • Edit your photos on the go
  • Share the photos to your favorite social media site or export them to be used in your favorite editing software
  • Upload the photos onto Google street view and Google tour creator

Download the app for iOS here or for Android here


You may borrow the Ricoh Theta V (or other XR equipment) from the library's service desk. The equipment can be booked online through the library website


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