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Insta 360


The Insta 360 Nano is a small 360° camera that can be used to make your iPhone into a 360° camera or on its own. The companion app allows for effortless capturing of 360° video, calling and editing. 

The camera features:

  • 3k photos and videos
  • Lightweight and small design
  • One touch sharing
  • SD card for use without an iPhone
  • 3K photos and videos for use in 360 content and content not realted to VR
  • Easily share your content on your favourite site or export it for editing
  • Hours of recording time on a single battery


iPhone 6 or above or a micro SD card is needed for use without a phone

Companion App

The Insta360 Nano features a companion app, Insta360 Nano S. The app is available on iOS and allows users to control the camera from their phone.

The app enables: 

  • Preview 360 content before you capture it with spherical shooting on your phone
  • Edit and share photos captured on the Nano (flat or 3D)
  • Record all directions and arrange them in in frame using Multiview
  • Edit and share photos either flat of in 360
  • Conduct 360 video calls and live streams with multiple views 
  • Reframe your subject with multiview while displaying the environment around you

Download the Insta 360 Nano S app for iOS here.

Find a tutorial for using the camera with the app here


The camera uses a single button for easy control and capturing.

Find the quick start guide for this camera here. 

See a video tutorial with basic operations of the camera here. For an in person tutorial visit the VR Lab during open hours.


You may borrow a Insta 360 Nano (or other XR equipment) from the VR Lab. The equipment can be booked online through the library website

Cameras capable of taking 360° photos / videos of your surroundings.


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