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How do I create a group library in Zotero?

Note: Group libraries in Zotero can only be created in the web browser version of Zotero.

Make sure that you are signed into the web browser version of Zotero and click Groups from the top menu bar.

Once you are on the Groups page, click Create a New Group.

On the Create a New Group page is where you can name your group, and choose the group’s type (Public, Open Membership; Public, Closed Membership; and Private Membership).


Under Group Settings for your group is where you can find Members Settings. Within Members Settings is where you can send invitations to collaborators. There is no limit to the number of group members you can have in Zotero groups.

Remember to send the invitation to the email address(es) that your collaborator(s) will be using with their Zotero account.


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