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What should I do if I experience problems with a link or login when accessing articles or other library resources?

Problems with links & logging in can be due to a number of reasons that range from user account issues, to vendor or browser problems. Below is a list of the most common solutions to try. 

General Tips

  • Allow Cookies: Ensure your web browser allows cookies from our site. Cookies are crucial for maintaining a logged-in session and personalizing your browsing experience.
  • Check Browser Extensions: Disable any browser extensions that block cookies or aggressively clear cache, as these can interfere with your sign-in process.


1. Check your access to your MyMRU account. 

  • Current mymru account: You must be a current MRU student or employee to access MRU Library licensed resources, such as articles, books, newspapers and videos, from off campus (or via a VPN which obscures your location). Access is provided via the OpenAthens authentication system and your mymru account.
  • Confirm you can login with your mymru login.
  • Contact the ITS Service Desk (E251) at 403.440.6000 or by email at if you have continued problems with your mymru login.
  • Once you have ensured access to your MyMRU account, log out and attempt to log into library resources again. If you are still having problems follow the troubleshooting steps below.


2. Cache and Cookies

  • Clear your cache and cookies. Error messages while trying to use library resources can happen if your browser has stored outdated versions of websites or login information. To resolve these problems, start by deleting your browser's cookies and cache. Check this guide on how to do it for different browsers.
  • Clear browsing history: Clear your browsing history completely, close the browser window, reopen and try the link again
  • Enable cookies: OpenAthens and mymru logins use cookies. To make your use of library resources more seamless, you can set your browser to accept cookies from: 

3. Login Page Confusion

  • Which Login Page Are You Seeing? If you find yourself on a different organization's login page, this may happen if you followed a link that incorrectly identifies you as from another institution. In most cases, you can simply press the back button and make a different selection.
  • Consider where you accessed the link:  it might have been shared by a friend or from another organization's page. It could also be a misdirected link on one of our own pages.


4. Browser 

  • Update your browser or try an alternate browser - Ensure you are using the most current free version of one of the following (Chrome is the recommended browser for web access):
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari


5. Resource Problem

  • Resource issue? If you are able to sign in successfully to myMRU and you can access other electronic resources then the problem may be with the resource itself.
  • Report it: Use the Collections Access  - Report a Problem form, the Report a Problem button (embedded in every LibrarySearch record) or Library Service Desk to report issues with specific articles or electronic resources. 
  • Details help! In your inquiry consider including details you might have that would help us to quickly identify the issue. Examples include: 
    • Which resource you were trying to access (ie name of the database) and, if possible the link you were using and where you got it from What browser you were using,
    • Whether you were on or off campus (or using a VPN)
    • What troubleshooting steps you tried (like clearing your cache etc), 
    • Details about error messages (screenshots can be helpful!)..

* Access to online library resources for current students begins on the current semester start date