Answered By: Matt Laidlow
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Can I include copyright protected images in my slide presentations?

Copyright protected images can be included in slide presentations through a number of ways such as: 

  • Under MRU’s Fair Dealing Guidelines you may generally copy up to 10% of another person’s work, including images, for inclusion in your slide presentations that you display to students enrolled in your course. You can copy and display an entire single image from a collection of images (e.g. a single photograph from a book of photographs), or up to 10% of a stand-alone image that is not part of a larger collection. You may also put this image in D2L. 
  • Under section 29.4 of the Copyright Act, which indicates images can be displayed in the classroom (e.g. in slides), as long as there is not a commercially available copy (obtainable within a reasonable time and price) in the format required.
  • Under section 30.01 of the Copyright Act, which indicates you can copy an entire work found online as long as there is no technological protection measure, no "clearly visible notice" prohibiting the use, the work is cited, and it is a legal upload. 
  • Openly licensed images, such as those under Creative Commons licenses, can be used in your slides under their designated terms. These images can be shared in D2L as long as the terms are met. 

See the Quick Guide for Teaching & Copyright at MRU for full details.

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