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How do I use the keyboard in 2M to record MIDI sounds?

To record music using the MIDI controller keyboard in Audio Room 2M, first ensure that it is turned on. The Power switch at the back of the controller should be pushed towards the USB port.

Back of midi controller

Next, open up either GarageBand or Logic Pro software.

In both software, you'll get the following options when you start a blank project:

Choose the instrument

Select "Software Instrument" and press "Create".

The Software will automatically choose an instrument for you. Press on the keys, and if you see green bars beside the instrument name on the track, then it is turned on. You should also hear the instrument sound through the speakers or headphones.

In GarageBand:

Garageband piano

In Logic:

Logic MIDI track.

You can choose a different instrument by selecting the instruments on the lefthand side Library:

Library of instruments.

Press record when you are ready to record your music using the MIDI controller keyboard.





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