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How do I record to a laptop using the Rodecaster in 2L?

You can connect any computer to the Rodecaster Pro in 2L using the provided USB cable, or borrow a USB-C to USB-C cable from the Service Desk as part of your Audio Rooms booking.

Watch the video below to learn how to record using a laptop in 2L:

Please note: To record from the Rodecaster Pro to the laptop, you will need to have audio software installed. Guides for setting up a project in various software are available from the Rode website.

The Windows laptops available from the Service Desk have Audacity installed and the Mac computers have Garageband installed.

Please be aware that if you use Audacity with the Rodecaster Pro, you will only be able to record a Stereo Mix. You will not be able to record in Multitrack (recording a separate track for each input). When recording multitrack to software on a laptop, make sure you select the correct input for each track using the guide below

Map of inputs on the Rodecaster


Do not record Inputs 7 - 14 as individual Mono tracks, they are meant to be recorded as stereo tracks (7 and 8 for USB, 9 and 10 for Smartphone, 11 and 12 for Bluetooth, 13 and 14 for Sound Pads.




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