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Technological Literacy Resources

Artificial Intelligence: 


AI Wiki. (n.d.). Comparison of ML framework.


Data Literacy: 


Nelson, S., & Nelson, E. (2014). Excel data analysis for dummies (2nd ed.). John Wiley & Sons.


Walkowiak, S. (2016). Big data analytics with R : utilize R to uncover hidden patterns in your big data. Packt Publishing.


Digital Literacy: 


Mount Royal University Library. (n.d.). Information literacy.


Digital literacy for dummies user basics course: understanding computer software. (2017). John Wiley & Sons.


Electrical Systems: 

Banzi, M., & Shiloh, M. (2014). Getting started with Arduino (3rd ed.). Maker MediaTM.


Blum, J. (2013). Exploring Arduino tools and techniques for engineering wizardry. Wiley.


Culkin, J., & Hagan, E. (2017). Learn electronics with Arduino: an illustrated beginner’s guide to physical computing (1st ed.). Maker MediaTM.


Gross, C., & Roppel, T. (2012). Fundamentals of electrical engineering (1st ed.). CRC Press.


MRU Library. (October 8, 2020). Electronics in Tinkercad. [Video]. YouTube.


Programming / Code


Purdum, J. (2012). Beginning C for Arduino Learn C Programming for the Arduino. Apress.

Python programming for beginners : learn in 100 easy steps. (2019). PACKT Publishing.


MRU Library. (October 8, 2020). Arduino in Tinkercad. [Video]. YouTube.


MRU Library. (October 8, 2020). Programming literacy. [Video]. YouTube.


MRU Library. (October 8, 2020). Python programming. [Video]. YouTube.


CNC & 3D Printing:


MRU Library. (October 8, 2020). Introduction to 3D printing. [Video]. YouTube.


MRU Library. (November 9, 2020). Learn Easel for the Carvey. [Video]. YouTube.




Gu, E. (2013). A journey from robot to digital human : mathematical principles and applications with MATLAB programming. Springer.


Grimmett, R., & Caggiani, M. (2014). Arduino robotic projects: build awesome and complex robots with the power of Arduino. Packt Publishing.




Arduino. (n.d.). Arduino create.


Arduino. (n.d.). Arduino create IoT cloud .


Talavera, J., Tobón, L., Gómez, J., Culman, M., Aranda, J., Parra, D., Quiroz, L., Hoyos, A., & Garreta, L. (2017). Review of IoT applications in agro-industrial and environmental fields. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 142, 283–297.





There are library VR (virtual reality) experiences that can be found by searching in the


Here is a quick link to the library search for VR experiences:,contains,VR&tab=MRULibraryResources&search_scope=MRULibrary&vid=01MTROYAL_INST:02MTROYAL_INST&mfacet=location_code,include,4656%E2%80%93123034360004656%E2%80%93explab,1&offset=0

* CHECK WITH CHRISTY for stable library searches


Game Development Engines: 


CRYENGINE. (n.d.).


Unity. (n.d.). Unity learn.


Unreal Engine. (n.d.).


Library Resources: 


Mount Royal University Library. (n.d.). Immersion Studio.



MRU Library. (August 20, 2020). What's the difference between VR and AR? [Video]. YouTube.

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