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How to Make a Patch Using PE Design 10

In PE Design 10 you can design a DIY patch.

To do this, create the design you would like for the patch by using the steps in the Digital Embroidery Handout Tutorial.

Once you have your design completed then create a shape (e.g. circle) around your design to be the size you would like the patch to be. Be sure to choose the Not Sewn option for the fill stitch.

Move the shape by clicking and dragging so your image is centred within it. An easy way to center your image within your shape is to select the image as well as the circle and then under the Shapes tab in the Edit group click on Arrange. Then choose Layout and under Option choose Move to Center. Make sure your image is grouped before doing this step.

Adding text

If you would like to add text to your patch click on Text and then choose the Text icon.

The text tab will open up as well as the text attributes window. Click on the design page and start writing your text.

When you are finished hit the Enter key.

You can now modify your text as long as it’s selected. If you happen to deselect the text double click on it to reselect it.

To move the text click and drag it.

To change the font use the drop down font selector in the Font menu under the Text tab.

To change the shape of your text select the Transform check box in the Text Attributes window and choose the shape you would like for your selected text.

You can then size the text by clicking and dragging the green arrows as well as changing the size of the path the text follows by clicking and dragging the green triangles.

You can change the colour of your text by being sure your text is selected and then selecting the spool of thread icon beside the stitch selector under the Sew menu.

If you need to make a change to your text, select it and then make your changes in the Text Attributes window.

Grouping colours

Once you have your design the way you would like it, it’s a good idea to group the same colours to save time during embroidery.

You can do this by clicking on the Optimize Sewing Order icon which can be found at the top of the Sewing Order panel. You can also click and drag steps in the Sewing Order panel to group the same colours, making sure the steps are still layered properly. As you move them the preview will show you all the changes you have made.

Saving and exporting

You can save your design by clicking on the purple flower and selecting “save” or To save click on the icon. This will automatically save your file in pes format. To send your file directly to a USB stick (you will have to use a USB stick to transfer your file to the embroidery machines) you can click on the “Send” icon and then choose “Send to USB Media”. Choose the port with the USB stick inserted.

You are now ready to create your patch!


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