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How to make a clipping mask in Adobe Illustrator

Crop Images with Clipping Mask to fit circles, squares or stroke outlines of other vector images. 

Creating Outline

  1. Right Click the Rectangle Tool

  2. Change it to the Circle Tool

  3. Draw a Circle


  4. Turn OFF the Stroke and Fill

Add a Clipping Mask

  1. Click on the Selection Tool
  2. Click and Drag to Select the Image and the Circle (If you’ve done this correctly, there will be a blue line around both objects)

  3. Look at the menu bar below, click Object, then Clipping Mask then Make:

Now, your photo should be shaped to fit the mask you created.

Remember: a clipping mask must sit on top of the Image (ie. clipping mask be above the image in the layers hierarchy) in order to work properly.


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