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Creating Cutting Paths in Adobe Illustrator for Tools in the Maker Studio

Vector images as lines are used for cutting. 

To create a path to cut:

  • Select the image
  • Go to the property panel
  • Click Image trace 
  • Click expand

To remove parts of the paths:

  • Select Object from the top menu and then select Ungroup
  • Select the parts you want to delete and the hit delete

To cut the shape on the you need to Delete the FILL by selecting No Fill, and turn the Stroke on. 

Select the double sided arrow.

This switches their properties around.

The Stroke/Fill Icons should look like this now.

These outlines can now be imported into Silhouette Studio or Inventables Carvey Online software as a cut path.

  • Cut this out with the Trotec Laser cutter by changing your Stroke Weight to 0.0002 and set the line color to RGB Red ( 255,0,0)

*Save your file at this time as a SVG, PNG AND .AI files in order to have flexibility for importing to the cutting tool software programs.


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