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Adobe Illustrator File Setup

In order to use Adobe Illustrator, users must have an Adobe account set up

  1. Open Adobe Illustrator on your computer. When it asks you to sign in, click on Get an Adobe ID
  2. Follow the instructions and enter a valid email address. This email will become your Adobe ID, so use one you’ll remember.
  3. Then, click Sign Up. Open your email, and open the email from Adobe. Click Verify Your Email.
  4. To sign in, open on your computer and click Sign In
    Open Illustrator again, and Click Sign In.

Create a new project

Name your project by selecting the name area, and typing in your name.

Set your file to Inches.

Set the size of the project to reflect the size of the material you want  to process or cut/engrave.

Check your colour profile: CMYK for vinyl printing RGB for the laser cutter

Here you see the:

  • Tools panel
  • Artboard
  • Properties panel

Selection Tool: Selects entire objects or groups. This tool activates all anchor points in an object or group at the same time, allowing you to move an object without changing its shape.

Direct Selection: Selects individual points.


Please look on the top right hand side of the toolbar. 

  • Do you see a menu beside ‘Search Adobe Stock’ that says Essentials?
  • If you do, please click on the  ∨  in order to open the other options. 
  • NOTE: Adobe uses this small chevrons to indicate multiple options are  available within ‘bins’, so if you see this, you can always right click( Or regular click) to access the additional options available

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