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Creativity and Making Resources

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E98.A7 C37 1991

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ML 460. C43 2017

Ceceri, K. (2017). Fabric and fiber inventions : sew, knit, print, and electrify your own designs to wear, use, and play with (First edition.). San Francisco, CA: Maker Media.
TT 699. C43 2017

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TX 651. C43 2016

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TT 149.C67 2017

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RM 735.7 K54 C67 2014

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Z716.37 C68 2018

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TJ 223. P76 C85 2017

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QC 527.2 D4 2017

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QA 76.76 C672 .G32 2009

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Making in the Curriculum Collection Bibliography

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