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Skanect Mobile 3D Scanner

The Skanect is a handheld, portable 3D scanner that mounts onto an iPad or a tripod.


  • Materials: Object for scanning.
  • Software: Skanect
  • File types: .STL, .OBJ, .PLY, .VRML
  • Machine details: Can scan objects or rooms.
  • Production time: dependent on the project scale.


  1. On the desktop 934392 sign with
    • user name: .\mrlocal
    • Password: mrlocal
  2. Click on Skynet icon.
  3. Click yes to the yellow window asking to OK to permissions.
  4. You will see a DOS pop-up. Leave it for now.
  5. Get iPad now. Plug in the wire from the Skanect to the iPad power port on the iPad.
  6. Open the Ipad Pro settings and join the Skanect network in the available Wifi networks.
  7. Click on the Skanect icon on the Ipad Pro.
  8. On the desktop, press ‘any key’ to continue to connect to Skanect app.
  9. On the iPad, you should now open the app called Structure
  10. You are now ready to start scanning.

Creating Models Using Skanect

  1. In Skanect software on desktop, Select New
  2. Choose your settings. The Bounding Box is how FAR the scan will read. This means for objects/people, you want a bounding box of 1 * 1 * 1 or slightly larger. Experiment to find the best settings.
  3. Click Start.
  4. On the iPad, click Uplink. If Uplink button disappears or you can’t see it on the right, close and reopen app.
  5. Click Record button. It will now start scanning.

Tips for getting the best Skanect Scan

  1. Give the app as much information as possible. This means moving slowly, in small increments, much like how you would feel to determine what something looks like if you were unable to see it with your eyes.
  2. When the model shows green, it can extrapolate that information and it has collected it. When it is red, it needs more time/angles/views in order to correctly recrearte the shape. Try going slower and viewing from more angles.
  3. If it loses track of where it is in creating the model, it turns the whole scan preview red and asks for you to go back to the last pose. Move around, trying to match the frame to the image it gives you of the last place it recorded.

Reconstructing Your Scan

  1. Click the Reconstruct tab at the top of the app.
  2. Click on Fusion. Select your settings for optimum render time/performance and desired output fidelity/detail.
  3. Click Run. Let it render. This takes time.

Process Your Scan

  1. Click the Process tab at the top of the app.
  2. This gives editing options to close the mesh of the model.
  3. Select and Run the settings you require to make the model of the scan that you would like.

Share Your Scan

  1. Click the Share tab at the top of the app and choose where you want to save your file, and then export your model or save it to one of the web/3d print options.

When you are finished, close Skanect app, then WAIT for the batch file to complete on Terminal and for the Terminal window to CLOSE on its own.

*Close the app BEFORE you shut down/log off the computer
* Wait for the DOS window to finish its process and then it will close on its own.
* Confirm the normal network has reconnected before logging off the computer.
ssid = skanect
Password = skan3ct0


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