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Audacity is a versatile free and open-source audio editor and recording software that is easy for beginners. 

  • Operates on both Mac and Windows computers. Software is free and available for use on personal computers.
  • Audacity is a destructive editor - edits to audio files are made directly to the file. Once you save your edits, they cannot be undone. For this reason, save extra original copies of your audio files or recordings before you start editing.
  • Audacity is multitrack software, but is not recommended for multitrack recording. Music production is not recommended.
  • To open mp4 files (vidoe) in Audacity, the FFmpeg encoder must be installed.

Get Started

To download Audacity on your personal computer, follow these instructions:

Download encoders:

NOTE: Only use links to download provided by the Audacity Manual. Do not download Audacity from other sources.


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