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How do I record audio from Skype or Google Meet?


Skype is a great tool for recording interviews or discussions remotely. Skype is currently installed in following locations and computers:

Group rooms, Presentation practice rooms, Student loaner laptops, Audio Room 2M

Ensure you have sufficient privacy for the nature of your recording. Set up Skype and follow these instructions to record the conversation, so that you will capture the person you are speaking with. You can convert the video file to an audio file by opening it in Audacity or Adobe Audition.

Google Meets

Use your Mount Royal Google account to record meetings. Follow the instructions in this tutorial

With Meets, you can record group discussions and convert the video file to an audio file in audio software.

Alternatively, when recording a video conferencing call you can record yourself separately at the same time with a portable recorder to have a higher quality audio file of your voice.

In order to set up a recording using a portable recorder:

  1. Visit this page to view information on recording with portable devices.
  2. Borrow headphones if you do not have your own to plug into the computer. Wearing headphones prevents feedback.
  3. Make sure you save both the video file that was recorded and the audio file via the recorder.
  4. YYou can have your meeting participant follow the same procedure if possible so that you have their voice recorded in a higher quality file as well. Each speaker can then be edited separately later on.

Using the Rodecaster

You can also use the Rodecaster in Audio Room 2L to record video conferencing calls to a microSD card. You can use the professional microphones in the room to produce a higher quality recording. Watch this video for an overview of options when recording audio from a device:



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