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Arduino Library Resources

Physical Items

*Banzi, M., & Shiloh, M. (2014). Getting started with Arduino (Third edition). Sebastopol, CA: Maker MediaTM.
TJ 223. P76 B36 2015

*Culkin, J., & Hagan, E. (2017). Learn electronics with Arduino: an illustrated beginner’s guide to physical computing (First edition). San Francisco, CA: Maker MediaTM.
TJ 223. P76 C85 2017

*Igoe, T. (2017). Making things talk: practical methods for connecting physical objects (Third edition). San Francisco, CA: Maker Media.
TJ 223. P76 I46 2017

*Stern, B., & Cooper, T. (2015). Getting started with Adafruit FLORA (First edition). San Francisco, CA: Maker Media
QA 76.592 S74 2015

*Noble, J. (2012). Programming interactivity (2nd ed.). Beijing, China: O’Reilly.
QA 76.76 I59 N63 2012

*Kroski, E. (2017). #the makerspace_librarian’s sourcebook. Chicago, IL: ALA Editions.
Z 716.37 K76 2017

Available Online

Blum, J. (2013). Exploring Arduino tools and techniques for engineering wizardry. Indianapolis, Ind: Wiley. 

Stewart, B. (2015). Adventures in Arduino. Hoboken: Wiley 

Schwartz, M. (2014). Arduino home automation projects : automate your home using the powerful Arduino platform. Birmingham, England: Packt Publishing.

Schwartz, M., & Buttigieg, S. (2014). Arduino android blueprints: get the best out of Arduino by interfacing it with android to create engaging interactive projects. Birmingham, England: Packt Publishing Ltd. 

Schwartz, M., & Manickum, O. (2015). Programming Arduino with Labview : build interactive and fun learning projects with. Birmingham, England: Packt Publishing. 

Dennis, A. (2013). Raspberry Pi home automation with Arduino automate your home with a set of exciting projects for the Raspberry Pi!. Birmingham [England: Packt Pub. 

Bayle, J. (2013). C programming for Arduino learn how to program and use Arduino boards with a series of engaging examples, illustrating each core concept. Birmingham: Packt Pub.

Nussey, J. (2013). Arduino for dummies. West Sussex, England: Wiley.

Böhmer, M. (2012). Beginning Android ADK with Arduino. Berkeley, CA: Apress.

Grimmett, R., & Caggiani, M. (2014). Arduino robotic projects: build awesome and complex robots with the power of Arduino. Birmingham, England: Packt Publishing.

Wilcher, D. (2012). Learn Electronics with Arduino. Berkeley, CA: Apress. 

Schwartz, M., & Mohanta, P. (2014). Arduino networking: connect your projects to the Web using the Arduino Ethernet library. Birmingham, England: Packt Publishing. 


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