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Brother Embroidery Machines


Digital machine embroidery is an embroidery process whereby a sewing machine or embroidery machine is used to create patterns on textiles.


Materials: Fabric, stabilizer, machine embroidery thread and machine embroidery bobbin thread.
Software: Embroidery software (PE Design for use in the Maker Studio only)
File types: PES files on a USB (for digital embroidery only)
Machine details: As large as desired. For embroidery hoop:

  • 5” × 6.5”
  • 6” × 8.5”
  • 6” × 13.5”

Production time: dependent on the project scale


  1. For the embroidery machine, create a file in your own embroidery software or create the file in the Maker Studio using the PE Design embroidery software installed on the computer.
    • a. PE Design is a computer program that helps you create and edit designs that can be input in the digital embroidery machine. Your design file can be saved onto a USB and put directly into the machine.
  2. Bring in your materials (fabric, thread, stabilizer, etc.) to the Maker Studio staff to discuss your project. An embroidery machine tutorial will also be provided to help you get started.

Operation of Equipment

Brother Innovis VM6200D

  • 40 Weight embroidery thread (Normal weight)
  • 60 weight ( thinner thread) - CAN CAUSE gaps in fill, watch out for this
  • Use Polyester ( Rayon is not Color Fast )

MATT: Can use 40 Polyester regular thread for Matt, rather than satin

METALLIC: Metallic Thread use slower speed & Change the needle to a metallic Thread needle. CAN CAUSE failure, and the thread is unreliable, so often avoided.

Bobbin Thread is 60 Weight. This allows:

  • more threat to fit on the bobbin
  • pulls thread on top underneath because its thinner, giving it a better final look.

Industrial Standard for Bobbin Thread Color is WHITE or BLACK thread.

  • Universal Needle: 75/80
  • Heavier Fabrics: 90
  • Light weight 60/70
  • Titanium needles: Used for long duration embroidery, 4 hours or more in duration, of one color.
  • Needles for Stretching Fabric:
  • Needle Care: Change needles after prolonged use so that they remain sharp.

hook is not small enough and will get damaged if used on needles sized 70 or less.

Embroidery Processes

Free Standing Lace ( FSL):

  • Place on the table, don’t pull it in the hoop. Pulling the fabric will stretch the weave, warping the final embroidery image.
  • Fabric in the hoops doesn’t have to be tight like a drum.

Factory Default Setting:

  • These are indicated by the BLACK BOX surrounding the settings.
  • These settings can get changed to slow the speed of the machine stitches down

Stabilizer Material:

  • Rule: Always use the smallest hoop for your embroidery file as possible. Measure, and select the hoop when you know how big the file will be.
  • Rule: Heavier the Fabric, the less stabilizer is used, and vice versa.(you can double up the stabilizer for heavy fabric, if heavy stabilizer is not available.
  • Rule: Waste stabilizer can be sewn together to be used again, this saves the waste, or tear away can be stuck back together to create larger piece for reuse.


Cut Away Stabilizer is used for stretchy fabric.

Tear Away Stabilizer is used for non stretchy fabric.

Wash Away Stabilizer must be stored in an air tight, ziploc bag in order to prevent moisture/destruction of the stabilizer.

Starch Formula: Vodka Press Spray:

Recipe: Vodka Press Spray:

  • 1⁄3 vodka
  • 2⁄3 water

Add to spray bottle. Then, spray your fabric. Iron the fabric. The fabric will stiffen because of the sugars in the Vodka.


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