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Soldering Station

Soldering station with “helping hands” to hold electronics, a fan to get rid of toxic smoke, and soldering iron, cleaner and holder. The Makko Electronics soldering iron can heat up very quickly to melt your solder at the exact temperature required.


  • Materials:Solder
  • Software: N/A
  • File types: N/A
  • Machine details: N/A
  • Production time: dependent on the project scale


  1. Bring your circuit that you need measured.
  2. Basic electrical knowledge is required to use this tool.
  3. Basic knowledge of which solder you will need for your project (ask Maker Studio staff).
  4. Bring the applicable solder for your project.
  5. The Iron reaches temperatures from 750-1000° celsius which should not be touched under any circumstances.
  6. Iron tips should not be changed without supervision.
  7. Solder smoke is unsafe for inhalation and soldering should only take place in a properly ventilated area.
  8. Long hair should be tied back, loose clothing should not be worn, and dangling jewelry should be removed.

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