Answered By: Kerry Harmer
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Adafruit (Sewable Electronics)


The adafruit neopixel is an integrated microprocessor that allows for the creation of sewable circuits. These circuits use a special conductive thread and sewable LEDs to build circuits into fabrics. All material requirements must be provided by the patron.


Materials: FLORA (Adafruit), Sewable LEDS, Conductive Thread, Power source (usually 3 AAA batteries), Other integrated circuits you may require. Before buying materials, come to the Maker Studio and speak to the staff about the requirements for your project.

Software: Adafruit Neopixel uses Arduino IDE to program it.

File types: N/A (Neopixel has no external storage options for files)

Machine details:

  • Clock speed: 8MHz.
  • 3.3V output pad: we recommend no more than 100mA,
  • USB input: 4.5V-5.5V with 500mA fuse.

Production time: dependent on the project scale


  1. Plan and draw your circuit schematic for the circuit you intend to implement.
  2. Translate that schematic into placements on the fabric you are working with.
  3. After considering placements, take your sewable electronics and sew them into the fabric following your placements.
  4. Use the conductive thread to connect your electronics based on your schematics and ensure no short circuits are wired into your fabric, you can use a multimeter to test as you wire to ensure this.

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