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Makey Makey


What does the MaKey MaKey do?

A MaKey MaKey is a little electronic controller for computers that turns inanimate objects that have a measurable 'electric resistance' (like a banana) in them. Once you plug one of the alligator wires into an inanimate object, it turns it into a buttons for your computer!



How does this work? A small amount of electricity flows from the computer through the little electronic controller. This electrical charge will flow through the inanimate object if it have electrical conductance. Think of items that contain water, mushrooms, apples, bananas, or metal objects, like a metal cup or steel screw.


Because water is an electrically conductive inorganic compound, an electrical current can travel, via the water molecules, through these inanimate objects, much like an electrical signal passes through a copper wire!


To complete this circuit, the person needs to close the circuit by holding the ground wire with a finger, and then when they touch the 'button' object, the circuit will close, and a signal will get sent to the computer! What is that? Did that banana just trigger interactivity on that computer? Incredible!

How to prepare for using this tool

  1. Materials aren't required, but optional materials can be used to explore the uses of MaKey MaKey! Bring some items with you, and let's see if they are conductive!

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