Answered By: Kerry Harmer
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Cameo 3 Silhouette Cutting Machine

Materials: paper, vinyl, fabric, veneer

Software: Silhouette Studio

File types: DXF and other graphic drawing exchange file types.

Machine details: maximum area 12” x 24”.

Production time: depends on the file type, 1-10 minutes.

How to prepare for using this tool

Download Silhouette Studio software Have your design prepared in one of these ways:

  1. Create your design in the Silhouette Studio Software
  2. Have your line work/outlines saved as a DXF file 3.
  3. Have your JPEG imported into Silhouette and trace it using the tools in the software

If you have questions about this, please discuss your project with Maker Studio staff before using the tool.

Health and Safety

  • The Cameo Silhouette cutting machine has sharp blades which should not be touched at any time.
  • Blades must not be exchanged without supervision.
  • The machine has moving parts so long hair should be tied back and jewellery should be removed.

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