Answered By: Callum O'Connor
Last Updated: Dec 19, 2023     Views: 12

Do I need consent from research participants to deposit data in a data repository?

Yes. To deposit data collected from human research participants, you must have their consent as well as approval from the MRU Human Research Ethics Board. This applies to both open and restricted datasets. If you plan to make your dataset open, participants must be given the choice to opt out of the open dataset, separate from their consent to participate in the research. Participants should also be informed about anticipated secondary uses, including who will have access to the data and what type of research it might be used for.

If you deposit a dataset stemming from human research in the MRU Data Repository, you should include the precise terms to which participants have consented, either in the terms of use field or by uploading a blank consent form. This supports secondary use of human participant research data.