Answered By: Michelle Gauthier
Last Updated: May 26, 2023     Views: 2

How do I access my search history and personalize my LibrarySearch settings?

Mount Royal Library's LibrarySearch gives signed-in users the option to automatically save their search history, use search history to suggest search terms and automatically extend search sessions. These settings are turned off by default but can be activated according to personal preference.  

When automatic search history saving is disabled, you can still intentionally save a specific search by using the “Save Search” button. This functionality is separate from the automatic search history.

How to turn on search history

To turn on the automatic search history:

  1. In LibrarySearch, sign into your library account using the "Sign in" button in the top right.
    Library Search Sign-in button
  2. Once signed in, your name will appear in place of the sign-in button. Click on your name to view the account details drop-down menu.
    LibrarySearch Account Menu - select Personal Settings
  3. From this list, select “My personal details and settings.” This will bring you to a page where you can manage all your library account settings. To enable search history saving, select the toggle button beside “allow saving my search history.”

With this feature enabled, your last 100 searches will be saved.

To view your search history, go to the Account menu and select “Search History.”

LibrarySearch Account menu - select Search History

How to delete your search history

To delete your search history, select the “Search History” button from your “My Account” options.

You can delete individual searches by selecting the trash icon to the right of the individual search item row.

To bulk delete items, select the searches you want to delete by clicking the item row checkboxes and then clicking the trash icon in the "My Favourites" heading. You can bulk select all searches on the page by clicking the checkbox above the first search item row.

If you are seeing saved searches in your account despite the “Allow saving my search history” setting being set to “no” this may be because searches prior to April 2023 were saved by default. You can go ahead and bulk delete these searches from your account and, if the settings are set to no longer save search history, no more searches will be saved.

LibrarySearch Search History display