Answered By: Michelle Gauthier
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How do I cite sources in a podcast or other oral presentation format?

  1. Mention the same details you would include for a written in-text citation, according to your particular referencing style.
  2. Include context for the source that might be useful to your reader.
    • For example:
    • The title or location of the source; e.g., a book or podcast title, the title of a newspaper or news website, or the title of a prestigious journal in which a study was published.
    • The credentials of the author(s) you're citing; e.g., an author’s professional role or scholarly expertise. This can help build your own credibility as it supports your reasoning for using this particular source.
  3. Provide a complete list of the sources you used.

Always check with your instructor about their expectations around citation for projects with audio components.

Get more information and citation examples on the Podcasts & Audio Projects page of the Undergraduate Research Guide.