Answered By: Michelle Gauthier
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What does the License displayed in my LibrarySearch result mean?

The Library licenses much of our online content from different vendors and license terms for how these resources may be used vary somewhat between resources. If you want to know how you are allowed to use a resource you find in LibrarySearch you can click on License, found in the Access Options area of the record. The definitions below may help you to understand how you can use the resource. If you need more help please contact with your question.

LibrarySearch Access options license button
LibrarySearch full record Access Options area with License/Hide license button

Definition of license terms:

Authorized Users: This is the group of users allowed to use the electronic resource.

Fair Dealing Usage: License term that indicates a user's right, as outlined in Canadian copyright law, to use a copyright protected work without further permission or payment of copyright royalties. The fair dealing exception of the Copyright Act gives permission to use copyright protected material for the purpose of research, private study, education, satire, parody, criticism, review or news reporting, as long as what you do with the work is ‘fair’. Find out more about the MRU fair dealing guidelines.

Class Handouts: The permission to distribute or incorporate parts of the resource in classroom handouts to students in an MRU course.

Course Pack Print: Refers to bound print copies of materials assembled by instructors for student use, usually instead of or in addition to a text book. Course pack materials often are protected by copyright.

Scholarly Sharing: The permission to share, either in hard copy or electronically, portions of licensed materials to unauthorized users for personal use or scholarly, educational, or professional use.

Secure Learning Management System: The permission to upload electronic copies of resources to a secure learning management systems (for example such as Blackboard or Google Classroom) for an MRU course or research. System should be password protected and only accessible to authorized MRU users.

Data Mining: The process of applying automated tools and processes to systematically download or harvest articles, citations or metadata for the purposes of textual analysis and visual mapping of textual relationships.

Electronic Link: The permission to post a persistent URL (electronic link) to the materials.

Concurrent User Limit: The number of users that can simultaneously access an electronic resource.

Interlibrary Loan Secure Electronic Transmission: Loaning materials owned or licensed by one library to another library or its users via secured electronic transmission.