Answered By: Julia Gunst
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Why can't hear anything in Audio Room 2M?

The Post-Production Audio Room has two speakers. These must be turned on via the Scarlett interface. 

To troubleshoot no sound:

  • If the speakers have been turned off for some reason, you’ll notice there is no green light. Turn on the on switch at the back of the speakers. They should be left on.

Speaker light

  • Ensure the switch on the Scarlett interface is turned on:

Scarlett interface turned on


  • Make sure the Mute button is off and the Monitor knob turned up. Listen at a respectful volume and ensure that you wear headphones when possible if a group is recording in the room beside you.

Scarlett interface close up

  • Make sure the volume knob for your headphones is turned up sufficiently if you are using headphones.

You can borrow headphones from the Service Desk. Be sure to request headphones for the Post-Production Audio Room. A ¼” gold adapter comes with with the headphones.


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