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How do I open a multitrack file recorded on the Rodecaster?

When you record to an SD card in multitrack, the Rodecaster will create a poly WAV file. In this single file, separate tracks for each microphone and input will be recorded. The file size will be larger than a standard WAV audio file because it contains more information.

Drag the polyWAV file into your audio software or import it (Audacity, Audition, Logic or Garageband). For Audition, follow these instructions.

Alternatively, you can use the Rodecaster Companion App (free) to open the polyWAV file and export a mix for a number of podcasting platforms.


The order of your tracks in the file as appearing in software will be the following:

Track 1 - Stereo mix of all tracks left channel

Track 2 - Stereo mix of all tracks right channel

Track 3 - Mic 1

Track 4 - Mic 2

Track 5 - Mic 3

Track 6 - Mic 4

Track 7 - USB left channel

Track 8 - USB right channel

Track 9 - Phone left channel

Track 10 - Phone right channel

Track 11 - Bluetooth left channel

Track 12 - Bluetooth right channel

Track 13 - Sound pads left channel

Track 14 - Sound pads right channel

If you only need the audio of the four mics, delete tracks 1 and 2 and tracks 7 - 14.

Below you'll see an example where audio from mics 1 and 2 was recorded. You'll notice the first two tracks are not mic 1 and 2 respectively, but the left and right channel of a Stereo mix.

poly WAV example in Audacity





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