Answered By: Julia Gunst
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Choosing an Audio Recorder

First determine how many speakers you are recording and how you will be using the recording afterwards. If you are editing the audio afterwards, be sure to record each speaker with a separate mic and select a recorder with enough mic inputs.

Below are recommended recorders for different scenarios:

Recording yourself or a group for documentation purposes only (e.g. a meeting): Olympus Recorder. Roland

Recorder Recording just yourself and a high quality recording is needed: RolandZoom H5, Zoom H6

Recording two speakers with separate mics and high quality recording is needed: Zoom H5 (Two XLR inputs, one 3.5mm input) Zoom H6 (Four XLR inputs, one 3.5mm input). Cables, additional microphones and stands loaned separately.

Recording three or more speakers with separate mics: Podcasting Kit with Zoom PK 4 (Four XLR inputs)

Recording music or soundscapes: Zoom H6 (MS Mic Recommended)

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