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How to create cutting Paths for Roland VersaWorks in Adobe Illustrator

  1. Create or upload your design in Adobe Illustrator. 
  2. In order to have your cutline follow the outline of your graphic you must use a vector, not a raster image. If you are using a raster image you will need to draw a shape around it in Illustrator which will become the cutline or vectorize the image in Illustrator.
  3. To create a cut line around your image first you must download the Roland Versa Works swatch which can be found here
  4. To open the swatch window choose “window” and then “swatches”.
  5. Click on the 4 horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  6. Click on “open swatch library” then choose the “Roland Versa Works”.
  7. The pink swatch is cut.
  8. You can also watch how to do it here:
To cut a frame (eg. circle or rectangle) around a design
  1. Draw the shape you want (eg. Rectangle) around the design
  2. Make sure the fill is turned off
  3. Click on “open swatch library” then choose the “Roland Versa Works”.
  4. Choose the pink swatch for cut.
  5. Stroke must be .25 points.
To Cut around a detailed shape
  1. Open “Layers” window.
  2. Duplicate the layers.
  3. Name the back layer “Image” and lock and hide this layer.
  4. Name the top layer “cut line”.
  5. Select “cut line” then click on “object” in the toolbar and “expand”.
  6. In the Pathfinder window choose “unite”.
  7. In the appearance window choose “stroke”.
  8. In the Swatch Window choose pink for cutting.
  9. Click on “stroke”. Make sure “aligned to centre” is chosen.
  10. Stroke must be less than .25 pnt.
  11. Unlock the Image layer and bring forward.  
  12. Submit your finished file on the MRU Maker Studio website by filling out the form.
  13. You will receive an email when the print is completed. This could take up to 2 weeks. Please pick up your print during open hours.

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