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Q. What has changed now that there is a new library services platform?

We have launched a new library services platform on June 13, 2018, which helps us to better serve users. Below is an overview of the changes:

Longer loan periods for students and staff

You now have access to most main collection resources for an entire term. Take your time with the books you require for a class assignment and if something you need is checked out, simply submit a request to have the item returned sooner.

Automatic renewals and no overdue fines for main collection items

Offering term loans means we can eliminate overdue fines with main collection items. If nobody else needs the books you’ve borrowed, feel free to hang on to them If no requests are made for the borrowed item, the system will process up to 2 automatic renewals, which will allow you to keep it for up to a full year. Fees for lost books remain unchanged.

Maximum fine limit increases to $50

We want to help you succeed by giving you access to everything we offer. The maximum fine limit has increased to $50 from $15 in an effort to reduce MRU account suspensions and support academic endeavors.

Requested item and Reserve fine changes

Requested item and reserve overdue fines have increased to encourage prompt return of high demand items.

  • Requested item- $2/per day
  • Reserves - $2/per hour  

New look and smoother search experience

This new system supports simple and advanced searches, one step citation creation, and the clean search design acts as a guide for users looking for a specific resource or who want suggestions based on a general topic.

Access to materials exactly when you need them

Certain items can now be booked directly from your LibrarySearch result pages when signed in. The bookable feature allows you to reserve a book for a specific pick up and return date by selecting “book a time” under the ‘get it’ section of the resource page. This new feature ensures you get specific items to meet your deadlines while maintaining their availability for other users in the meantime.

Longer laptop loan periods

We now offer 3 day laptop loans along with the standard 1 day laptop loans.

Borrow more books

Community, The Alberta Library (TAL) and Council Of Prairie & Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL) cardholders can now borrow up to 25 books at a time. There is currently no book limit for MRU students, faculty and staff.

Why did the Mount Royal University Library switch to a new library services platform?

The decision to switch to Alma management services and LibrarySearch was made after extensive research and consultation to ensure they would be a proper fit for the resources and programs we offer the MRU Community.

Library collections have changed significantly since we implemented our former library services platform almost 20 years ago. This new system is part of a greater effort to better serve the needs of users who access information in ways that were not prevalent when our former library services platform was launched.

The capabilities of this new library management system allows us to provide for our users in new ways and evolve with the changing needs of an academic community.