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Q. New library services platform, what does that mean for my links?

What is changing?

The Library is implementing a new library services platform. This change will impact some links to library resources that users created prior to June 13, 2018—the launch date of the new system.

Many of these links will continue to work throughout June and July since we have extended the use of our old platform to get past this transition period. However, these links will eventually expire and must be updated as soon as possible.

How does this impact me?

Some existing links to books, videos, and articles in your Blackboard sites, reading lists or other course materials may be broken.

  • If you have linked to the item record in the old system that include the following as part of the URL, you will need to replace it.
  • If you have linked directly to the item source within a database (e.g. links to Ebrary, Films on Demand, or an EBSCO database), or using a DOI, the link will not be affected.

How do I check my links?

In your Blackboard site, go to Course Tools --> Link Checker

Look for any links that contain:



If you see these types of links, you will need to search for the item again from the Library homepage, create a new link, and replace it in Blackboard or elsewhere.

If you would like assistance with locating a larger number of new links, please contact Susan Wilkinson, Public Services Supervisor, 403-440-7217 or visit the Library Service Desk in the RLLC.

What if I have embedded links in other documents?

Please check all course materials for embedded links that contain:


The Blackboard link checker cannot find links that are embedded in Word, PowerPoint, PDF, or other files. If you have any documents attached to your course site that contain the above-mentioned links, you will have to manually check them, replace with links to the new system, and then upload the revised documents to your Blackboard site.

How do I locate a new link?

Best practice is to link directly to electronic items (ebooks, articles, tc) in the database, using the permalink provided (also called a stable URL, permanent link or persistent link).

Some databases and electronic resources provide permanent links under the ‘Cite’ or ‘Email’ icons. If the URL contains  then it is a permanent link and you can link it in your course materials.

If there is no permalink, create a persistent link on the Library website using the DOI or URL .

To highlight a print book or other physical resource for your students via a link, simply search for the item from our Library Homepage and use the persistent link to the item record.


Where can I get help with my broken links?

For assistance with a larger number of broken links, please contact Beverly Van Horne, Public Services Manager,, 403-440-8526, or visit the Library Service Desk in the RLLC.

For assistance with Blackboard, or the Link Checker, please contact Andrew Reil,, 403.440.7002, or visit the Academic Development Centre (ADC) on the second floor of the RLLC.